Interest Areas

Public Sector

The Public Sector User Group (PSUG) consists of Public Sector entities including State and Local Government agencies and utilities.

The mission and objectives of the Public Sector community are:

  • To provide a mechanism for our members to communicate, share and collaborate as we each face the unique challenges of implementing and maintaining a heterogeneous system landscape with a mixture of applications.
  • To provide a means by which the Public Sector community can speak with a common voice to our partners on matters of common interests, thereby improving its members’ communication and influence regarding product expectations and recommendations for improvement in products used in public sector organizations.
  • To provide opportunities for communication between management, developers and business partners, and the public sector community, in order to keep members informed as to product plans, new developments and directions, and other areas of concern.

In 2006, the PSUG joined forces with another user group with similar interests and culture: HEUG (Higher Education User Group).  PSUG shares the HEUG's repository of content: news, forums, file libraries, and so on. As a user of the PSUG Community, you have access to the contributions of our colleagues in higher education agencies—and vice versa. 

Public Sector User Group PSUG Logo

Helping build your workforce with actionable insights, collaborative support on tools, and attract/retain the best talent with the backing of our membership.

Promoting the sharing of information, tools and best practices around managing global financial systems in the Public Sector.

Providing advice and guidance on the technology underpinning software applications used by the Public Sector community.

Providing a space for Public Sector institutions serving Kindergarten through 12th grade members to network and connect.