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Connecting Global Minds, Empowering
Diversity through Technology 

The HEUG is diverse, with members representing different countries and cultures. The Global Council is there to highlight the international partnerships and collaborations between universities and vendors around the world. We are to promote cross-cultural understanding and address global challenges through our work.

We are a group of professionals working in the higher education sector, dedicated to leveraging technology to improve student outcomes, streamline financial processes, and optimize HR functions. The Global Council is comprised of experts from various disciplines, including student services, finance, and HR. We collaborate amongst HigherED institutions to identify technology solutions that can enhance student engagement, reduce administrative burdens, and improve overall operations.

We are also committed to streamlining financial processes, which can have a significant impact on student success. We work with institutions to identify areas where technology can help streamline processes like financial aid applications, billing, and student loan management. By automating these processes, we free up staff time and resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Global Council

Tech-Forward Leadership in Advancing Global Higher Education

We believe that leveraging technology is essential to meeting the needs of our modern-day students, who are increasingly savvy and tech-savvy. By integrating innovative tools and platforms into our institutions, we can provide tailored support that meets students where they are.

Global Council
Global Council

Leveraging Technology

Collaborating for Success:
Harnessing Technology to Enhance Human Resources

Finally, we recognize that HR plays a critical role in supporting higher education institutions. We are excited to share our insights and expertise with you and look forward to collaborating with HR departments to identify ways technology can improve:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Financial Processes
  • And Supporting Students

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2023 Members

Shakil Ahmed University of Doha for Science & Technology Qatar
Jodie Davis Griffith University Australia 
Umesh Gupta Deakin University Australia
Kelly Wilker
HEUG Board Member
University of Waterloo Canada
Marian Doll University of Windsor Canada
Derry Fong The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China 
Yen Teck Kong Singapore University of Social Sciences Singapore
Jasper Faber
Global Council Chair & Board Member
University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Carolien ten Oever University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Denise Kelly Queens University United Kingdom 
Steve Smith University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Stephen Mcauliffe University of Nottingham United Kingdom
Sashni Chetty University of Cape Town South Africa
Barry Hudson University of Pretoria South Africa
Maggie Maseka University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
Michael Russell
HEUG Past President
Virginia College Community System United States
Jason Wenrick
HEUG Past President 
California State University Chancellor's Office United States
Brittany Moon
HEUG Executive Director