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Higher Education Business Continuity Planning During a Crisis | Top of Mind with The Tambellini Group Podcast

By Katelyn Ilkani posted 12-23-2020 10:32 AM


Note that the below is a link to a free podcast offered by The Tambellini Group as part of our ongoing strategic partnership. For more information on this partnership and The Tambellni Group, please visit here.


Tambellini’s Vice President of Research, Large Enterprise Systems, Dave Kieffer discusses higher education’s dependency on technology and how past crises and contingency planning for other situations have prepared institutions for meeting the challenges presented by closures due to COVID-19. Kieffer highlights the strengths technology brings to communication during these times, as well as the frustrations employees feel. As staff become accustomed to the new normal, institutions are planning for the next phase of offsite work.

Listen: Higher Education Business Continuity Planning During a Crisis

Highlights include:

  • The importance of business continuity plans
  • How institutions are dealing with delays in major project implementations
  • The transition from reaction mode back to planning for day-to-day operations going forward